17 June 2020Carmeda celebrates 35 years of saving and improving people’s lives

Carmeda, innovator and manufacturer of the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface for the medical device industry, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. This unique thromboresistant surface technology improving blood compatibility of cardiovascular products has formed the foundation of our collaboration with multiple global medical device companies.

Carmeda was founded in October 1984 based on the Swedish invention of a thromboresistant surface technology to improve cardiovascular products. This pioneering technology, named CARMEDA® BioActive Surface, enabled immobilization of the anticoagulant drug heparin to material surfaces with preserved functionality. The immobilized heparin mimics the functional properties of the natural vessel wall and minimizes undesirable activation of blood associated with the exposure of blood to artificial materials. In patients, the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface significantly reduces thrombus formation and thereby the risk of device malfunctioning and thromboembolic complications.

Carmeda has over the years collaborated with many medical device companies to improve a range of different products including cardiopulmonary bypass equipment, hemodialysis catheters, ventricular assist devices, peripheral and coronary stents, peripheral stent-grafts and vascular grafts. Products that often have made the difference between life and death and that have improved the quality of life for several millions of people worldwide.

Today the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface is the most clinically proven hemocompatible coating on the market and the interest in the technology is still going strong after more than three decades. Products treated with the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface have improved clinical outcome compared with corresponding untreated products and many products featuring the technology have become the market leaders within their fields. An important key to Carmeda’s success is the comprehensive knowledge, experience and solutions present within the company. With a dedicated staff possessing expertise within many fields we have the capabilities required to accompany our customers through the entire process, from feasibility studies through development and regulatory approval to manufacturing. Carmeda has adapted well to the new challenges associated with the increasingly regulatory requirements for medical devices in combination with drugs, proven by the fact that new products featuring the technology are still being approved worldwide.

Carmeda continuously works with medical device companies with the aim to develop and improve more products using the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface. All of us at Carmeda embrace the future and look forward to together continue saving and improving people’s lives.

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