Coating Technology

Proprietary end-point attached heparin with retained bioactivity.

The general principle of the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface technology is to attach functionally active heparin to the blood contacting surfaces of medical devices. Heparin is covalently bound to the surface by end-point attachment. This proprietary coupling technique is the key to thromboresistance and long-term stability. Carmeda has a strong IP portfolio protecting the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface technology.

Schematic illustration of the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface’s mechanism of action. Antithrombin binds to a specific structure in the heparin molecule. The binding involves a minor conformational change that speeds up the inactivation of thrombin and other coagulation factors. Finally, the complex formed between the antithrombin and thrombin is released, re-exposing the heparin molecule and therefore sustaining the anticoagulant activity.